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Mykel Hawke is a U.S. Army Special Forces Veteran (Green Beret Officer), survival instructor, media personality in TV and film, author of 3 bestselling books, and co-author of the Jake Tyler thriller series based on him. He serves as Co-founder and Director of Specops, an international adventure tourism and training company.

TV Appearances

Mykel began his TV career quite by accident.  He started a Medical company to work in War Zones after Desert Storm.  The work was intense, so he began a tourism company for his team to get down time working in Costa Rica running children's programs.  That's how MTV's Road Rules Central America found Specops and asked Mykel to help develop the program for their season finale.  Hawke ended up representing SpecOps in a dual role as a bad guy and the good guy on MTV Road Rules in 1998.  He then did some consulting for Danish TV in 1999, Boot Camp in 2000, and Fear Factor in 2001.  After Mykel's first TV appearance, he worked on numerous productions as set medic, security, translator, and producer.  He was mobilized for two years after 9/11.


Once he completed his tour of duty, with the raised profile of Special Forces in the media, he was asked to do a number of other shows as on screen talent.  Between 2004-2005 he appeared as a subject matter expert in survival, warfare, leadership, medicine, and special operations for TV shows such as Tactical to Practical, Healthcops, Britain's Worst Boss, and Forever Eden.  He appeared in the 2006 movie Dirty Sanchez as himself.  In 2006, he also filmed an episode of the Discovery Channel's I Shouldn't Be Alive: Science of Survival in which he taught survival in the Amazon jungle.

In 2007, he appeared as the Resident Expert on Survival for the BBC's series about community survival, Castaway Exposed, and was featured as a survival camp instructor on The Simple Life Goes to Camp.  He appeared as an interrogator and fitness trainer for Kimberly Stewart in Living with Kimberly.  In 2008, Hawke was a fitness trainer for Kyle's Academy in the UK and appeared on Fox's Reality Revealed, Behind the Scenes of Paradise Hotel 2 as the set Medic and Security, which aired in the US.  A now-frequent guest on Channel 5's The Gadget Show, Mykel appeared in 2008, demonstrating new survival technologies, and on the show Fifth Gear, where he was test driving old and new military jeeps. Both shows aired in the UK.

In 2009, Hawke was involved with a new reality series about survival for the Discovery Channel released that spring.  Mykel was on the Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern in June, in which Andrew learned to survive and hunt for his own food in the Mexican jungle.  During the summer, he helped out on Kourtney & Khloe take Miami on E! and was a recurring guest on Big Brother's Little Brother in the UK.  Mykel was also on ABC's Good Morning America with Chris Cuomo discussing Family Preparedness in August.

Mykel Hawke currently stars in a Survival series for the Discovery Channel, Man, Woman, Wild, which airs on Fridays at 9:00 PM EST. He continues to appear on The Gadget Show and Big Brother's Little Brother in the U.K.


Mykel has most recently published a book with Running Press called Hawke's Green Beret Survival Manual.  It has sold out and the second edition is in print.  A Field Manual version will be released in 2011.  He developed a method for learning languages and published a book called The Quick & Dirty Guide to Learning Languages Fast under his pen name, A.G. Hawke.  Hawke also contributed two chapters to The Dangerously Fun Book for Boys Who Never Grew Up; both of these books are published by Paladin Press.

Mykel has published other articles and photos of combat from tours in Africa, South America, and Eastern Europe with Soldier of Fortune magazine.  He has been featured as a Special Forces Operator in other magazines such Backpacker, Esquire, Maxim, and Playboy.  An article about Hawke's Combat was featured in an Official Military Magazine called The Grizzly.   His most recent work is an article on Survival in the December 2009 Esquire Magazine Black Book Edition.  He has also been featured in a book about warfare in Africa called War Dog, The Modern Mercenary in Action: Fighting Other People's Wars' by Al Venter.  Hawke has said about the book that he was “honored to be counted as a small man among the other truly great men who fought in those forgotten wars.”


Hawke began his career in 1982.  He first served on Active Duty, then in Army reserves and in the National Guard.  Mykel was a Sergeant First Class (SFC) as a Special Forces Medic (18D), Special Forces Communicator (18E) and Special Forces Operations and Intelligence Sergeant (18F).  He recently retired from the U.S. Army Reserves as a Special Forces Captain (18A), also known as a Green Beret Officer.  He was assigned in a billet for Major, to U.S. Army Special Forces Command (USASFC) located at Fort Bragg, NC, home of the Green Berets to support 3rd SFGA before he retired in 2010).

As a Sergeant, Hawke was a Jump Master, earned numerous foreign jump wings and, for a short period, he was a Recruiter for Special Operations (Psyops and Civil Affairs) in the Reserves.  As an SFC, he had attended Infantry (11B) Advance Sergeant School (ANCOC).  Mykel was also certified as a Paramedic (NR-EMT-PM), Scuba Diver (Cape Fear PADI), and attended training in Skydiving (Green Beret Sport Parachute Club).

As an Officer, Mykel attended Medical Officer School (70B), Infantry Advanced Officer School (11A), and Civil Affairs Advanced Officer School (38A).  He also completed the Advanced Officer School and Combined Arms Support Service School (CAS3).  While he was a young officer, 2LT, he briefly recruited specialty officers such as Doctors, Lawyers, and Chaplains for the Army Guard.

After 9/11, Mykel was a single parent living with his two teen sons and working in L.A. as a Segment Producer for ABC when he was called back to active duty.  He spent 2 years serving in the Global War On Terror (GWOT).  During this time, he went back through the Special Forces course, sixteen years after the first time, to earn his S.F. Officer Qualification and go on to serve as Commander of the Afghan Militia Forces and later as a Team Commander.  He also served as the Executive Officer (XO) for the 18A Committee at the Special Warfare School (SWC) and as an Assistant Operations Officer (S-3a) at 4th Training Battalion (4th BN, SWC.)

During his career as an Officer, Hawke also attended some select Special Forces training such as: Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection Instructor (AT/FP Level II), Government Detention and Hostage Negotiation (PGD/HD SERE 245), Personnel Recovery (JPRA 102), Survival, Escape, Resistance and Evasion (SERE, Level-C).

As a Reservist, CPT Hawke was assigned to support the Active Duty Special Forces unit, 3rd SFGA.  Mykel is proud to continue to support his S.F. Brethren and sends prayers out for his fallen comrades, their families, and those still serving in harm's way.


Mykel has developed two survival knives with TOPS, the Hawke's Hellion Survivor 2020 Beserker which is a heavy blade, and the Elite which is the exact same unique design but slightly smaller and lighter. Hawke has written two books on survival, a large Reference Manual covering a lot of philosophy and supplemental information, and a Field version with strictly practical information included. (Field manual to be released in 2011, Running Press)  Mykel has written a universal language guide (A.G. Hawke, Paladin Press) and is working on a number of new books.

Hawke runs an adventure training company ( that uses survival for a variety of teaching purposes such as: Corporate Leadership, Family Counseling, Couples Bonding, Singles Mingling, Troubled Teens, Professional level safety, Remote enthusiasts medicine, Elite military preparation, TV and Film crew training, Cast and Talent skill provision and advising, Production company support and development.


Mykel was born at Fort Knox, Kentucky an,d as an Army brat, grew up mostly in the southeast in places like: Fort Monroe, VA; Fort Bragg, NC; Fort Benning, G; and a little at Fort Hood, TX and Ft Carson, CO.

Mykel is a 3rd Degree Blackbelt in Aikido and a 1st Degree in Judo.  He has also studied Wu Shu and Wing Chun Kung Fu, Karate and Special Forces Combatives.  Mykel enjoys hiking, camping, shooting, (he only hunts for survival food with primitive methods) fishing, and all manner of outdoor activities as well as teaching, reading, writing, and music.   He is an enthusiast in all manner of primitive hunting methods as well as having an interest in Native American Knife and Tomahawk fighting techniques.


Mykel is married to TV Presenter Ruth England.  They have a son and reside in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Mykel is also proud to have two grown sons and a grandson living in the U.S.  Hawke grew up very poor and survived on the streets as a teen and that is why he is into survival.  He was kicked out of junior high school for fighting against bullies and that is why he joined Special Forces to help others.  He never attended high school because, as the eldest, he had to take a job to help his mother support his siblings, and that is why he is keen on education.  He uses his Master's degree, education, and experience to help others and is pursuing his PhD in order to one day run a full time camp for kids...his dream job when he retires.  If he ever grows up!


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